iBeat Radio

Enjoy the best streaming radio has to offer on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iBeat Radio.

Save your favorite stations, find new music, purchase it through iTunes and more!

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Action Scanner

Action Scanner lets users scan through their choice of Police, Fire, EMS and other feeds from around the country, from the comfort of their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Unlike similar products Action Scanner scans through up to 4 feeds at a time. The app will stop on a feed when there is a transmission present, sort of like, well, a real scanner...

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teeny Checkers

teeny Checkers is a full and realistic checkers game for one or two players.

FEATURES: One or two players, Rotating board in two player mode, Powerful checkers engine by renowned checkers and chess expert Martin Fierz, and many more features...

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Escape Call

Have you ever been on a date, at a party or in a meeting where you really wanted a reason to leave?

Ever ask a friend to call your cell phone at a certain time to offer you a polite excuse to scram?

Now you can have that excuse ready every time, and no one will even know about it! Use Escape Call to fake an emergency call on your iPhnoe or even on your iPod Touch...

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Descramble is an electronic version of the classic "15-puzzle" game.

Concentrate and plan ahead to properly order the numbered tiles or pieces of a picture. When you have successfully completed the puzzle, shake it to start a new game...

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